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Mass Planner Review and Overview


Mass Planner Review and Overview – So… you are looking around for the best social media management software? Been looking at something like hootsuite? As a user of Mass Planner for almost a year now, I can tell you that you need not look any further. Mass Planner is just what you’re looking for.

This is my full review and overview based on my use of Mass Planner. It will be all that you need to know about using Mass Planner and exactly what it can do for your social media accounts. Of course it is going to be a bit biased as I absolutely LOVE Mass Planner.




What Does Mass Planner Do?

I know (if you are like me and anyone who markets their business via social media) you have had those late nights, setting in front of your computer, liking, following, unfollowing, posting, tweeting, sharing and messaging.  To top it all off you are creating your content, I.E. videos, graphics and writing for your post, to drive traffic.

Now you can have a lot more time for content creation because Mass Planner will handle all the social media task for you.



Simply add your social profiles, pick the job/jobs that you want it to do each day… then it runs in the background, working for you, everyday without you doing any more work. (Just until you come up with that million dollar content that you just have to publish!) 😉


Mass Planner Features:

It can be used with Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Here are just some of the task it can do on each account:

Facebook: Auto finds and joins targeted, niche groups. Scheduled content. Post clickable images. Auto group post and a whole lot more.

Google+: Auto finds and joins communities. Scheduled content. Auto follow and unfollow.

Twitter: Auto Follow and unfollow people daily. Auto ReTweets. Scheduled Tweets.

Pinterest: Auto re-pin. Like pins. Follow/unfollow people. Comment on pins w/spun text. And Heaps more.

LinkedIn: Find targeted groups. Auto join groups. Schedule post.

Instagram: Auto follow/unfollow people in target niches. Auto like. Auto comment.

This is just a small sample of task that Mass Planner can do.

Mass Planner is frequently updated. Keeping your social media marketing campaigns running smoothly, thus keeping the users happy happy happy!

Click here for a detailed outline of what Mass Planner is capable of.


Mass Planner Requirements:

It is a Windows based program. So it requires that you have a Windows PC. I would recommend at least Windows 7.  If you do not have a Windows machine, it is quite easy to do a workaround. There are a couple of solutions for the Linux users (like me) and the Mac users. You can install a virtual desktop on your computer. For Mac you can use Parallels. And for us Linux guys there is Virtual Box.

Possibly the best option for users of all OS platforms is using a VPS. The advantage to this is that it will be up and running 24/7. This is great if you like to shut down your computer for the night or day when you try to get some sleep.


You can get started for FREE with Amazon hosting VPS… Amazon VPS 1 year FREE!!!


My Concerns At The Beginning:

If you have been marketing on social media for any time at all you know that you can have an account frozen or even banned for suspicious activity. Things like posting to much too fast, sending to many messages… you get my point. I have lots of social media accounts and I am building more monthly.

So I started Mass Planner with just a few test accounts for the first month and it worked just like it is supposed to, perfectly. The way Mass Planner is designed to do the work in a “life like” manner allows the user to fly under the radar of the algorithm’s that the social media sites have in place. Of course you have to set the parameters within Mass Planner, they are not preset as the pesky algorithms are often changing.


Check this out

This was one of my first test accounts when I started using Mass Planner. I was challenged by a friend to grow an Instagram account to 1000 followers in just one week. Well, I would not even mention it if it did not happen. I did not get a screen shot of it that first week but take a look at this.

This was just 3 weeks after using Mass Planner on my test Instagram acct. And I missed a few days of running it.


Yep, just over 2,500 followers in 3 weeks time. To add to that, these are very specific and targeted followers to the niche.


Pro’s of Using Mass Planner

This is just my short list of the pro’s of using Mass Planner

  • Everyday, it handles everything on multiple social media accounts
  • The quickest way to build followers
  • Handles the “unfollow” task, saving a huge amount of time
  • Builds accounts and engagements almost instantly
  • Well built and very reliable
  • Saves me 3-4 hrs per day
  • It’s like having 10 bots all in one
  • You get a 5 day FREE trial


Con’s of Using Mass Planner


Just kidding, not really…. It’s a matter of perspective.

  • It is fairly easy to set up but it does take some time.  (Can’t expect to climb on board the space shuttle and think it is going to be like flying a paper airplane) HAHAHA
  • It is not a one time purchase. It’s a monthly or bi-annually payment.


Mass Planner Monthly or Bi-Annual Payments. Save Up to $41.75 every 6 months.


Final Thoughts about Mass Planner

It took a bit for me to learn my way around and get it all set up. Now that it is all set up I can concentrate on content. Once I have my killer content ready to go… just a couple clicks in Mass Planner and it is out there for the world to see. I have even built accounts directly from Mass Planner.

The great part of all of this is that Mass Planner is doing it all simultaneously. It does it all, all the time, at the same time.

Seriously, I do not know how I did it all before Mass Planner came into my life. I use it every day and will be using it everyday for a very long time.

Mass Planner launches on start up… it’s not a resource hog and it handles all your task day in and day out 24/7/365. Running in the background, building my followings, engaging the audience and managing my social media.

So, Should you get Mass Planner?

Oh hell to the YES!!! Should have got it yesterday. It does not matter if you have 2 social media accounts or 100+… you need Mass Planner.

Nothing else out there can even compare to Mass Planner at any price point.

So, start managing your social media on auto pilot and get some time back in your life.


Download your 5 day trial of Mass Planner